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Catalog NoChemical NameCAS NumberPurityChemical Structure
TNG908 is a clinical stage MTA-cooperative PRMT5 inhibitor that is selectively active
20313Cenerimod ( ACT-334441 )1262414-04-9≧98.0%
Cenerimod is a potent and orally active immunomodulator, exhibited EC50 value of 2.7
20645CP-506 ( Synonyms: SN-36506 )2227304-19-898% Min.
CP-506 (SN-36506) is an hypoxia-activated prodrug of a DNA-alkylating nitrogen mustar
822223Venglustat ( ibiglustat )1401090-53-6≧98.0%
Venglustat(ibiglustat)is an oral inhibitor of an enzyme called glucosylceramide synth
20524Zidesamtinib ( NVL-520 )2739829-00-4≧98.0%
Zidesamtinib ( NVL-520 ) is a novel brain-penetrant ROS1-selective tyrosine kinase in
RP-5063(Brilaroxazine) is a multimodal modulator of serotonin and dopamine recept
Zavondemstat is a KDM4 inhibitor with potential as an antineoplastic agent.
822225Cadisegliatin (TTP-399)859525-02-3≧98.0%
Cadisegliatin(TTP-399) is a potential liver-selective glucokinase (GK) activator for
Alvocidib Prodrug TP-1287 is an orally bioavailable, highly soluble phosphate prodrug
51910TRV130 ( Oliceridine )1401031-39-7≧98.0%
TRV 130 Hcl is a novel -opioid receptor (MOR) G protein-biased ligand; elicits robust
16122736Lirametostat ( CPI-1205 )1621862-70-1≧98.0%
Lirametostat ( CPI-1205 ) is a potent, selective, and cofactor-competitive inhibitor
191123Tafenoquine succinate106635-81-8≧98.0%
Tafenoquine is being investigated as a potential treatment for malaria, as well as fo