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Catalog NoChemical NameCAS NumberPurityChemical Structure
KW-2478 is an agent that targets the human heat-shock protein 90 (Hsp90) with potenti
171680Bexotegrast ( PLN-74809 )2376257-44-0≧98.0%
Bexotegrast (Synonyms: PLN-74809) is a small-molecule, dual selective inhibitor of α
VU0467154 is a positive allosteric modulator of theM4 muscarinic acetylcholine recept
1711225Fosgonimeton (ATH-1017)2093305-05-4≧98.0%
Fosgonimeton (ATH-1017) is a small molecule which enhance the activity of hepatocyte
BGB-15025 is a potent and selective HPK1 inhibitor that is efficacious as a single ag
STX-478 is an allosteric PI3Kα inhibitor that selectively targets prevalent PI3Kα h
52013ONX-0914 ( PR-957 )960374-59-8≧95.0%
ONX-0914, an inhibitor of the LMP7 and LMP2 subunits of immunoproteasomes, has activi
17021601LY3039478 ( Crenigacestat )1421438-81-4≧98.0%
LY3039478 ( Crenigacestat ), a selective NOTCH1 inhibitor, reduces intrahepatic chola
711401Eganelisib ( IPI-549 )1693758-51-8≧98.0%
Eganelisib (IPI-549) is a first-in-class, orally administered, highly selective PI3Kγ
20638ATH434 mesylate2387898-69-1≧98.0%
ATH434, is an oral agent designed to inhibit the aggregation of pathological proteins
233141NXP-800 ( CCT361814 )1693734-80-3≧98.0%
NXP800 is an oral small molecule inhibitor of the Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) pathway.