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Catalog NoChemical NameCAS NumberPurityChemical Structure
230402BI 1015550 ( Nerandomilast )1423719-30-5≧98.0%
BI 1015550 ( Nerandomilast )is an oral, preferential inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4
PDS0330 is a new claudin-1 inhibitor in Colorectal Cancer.
20455Camlipixant ( BLU-5937 )1621164-74-6≧98.0%
Camlipixant is an investigational, twice-daily oral P2X3 receptor antagonist for the
16122939Emeramide ( BDTH2 )351994-94-0≧98.0%
Emeramide, also known as BDTH2, is a mercury and heavy metal chelator. BDTH2 molecule
Upacicalcet (formerly SK-1403/AJT240) is a novel non-peptide calcimimetic agent that
62502TG02 ( SB1317 )937270-47-8≧98.0%
SB1317 (TG02) is a novel small molecule potent CDK/JAK2/FLT3 inhibitor. SB1317 was so
20553Tinengotinib ( TT-00420)2230490-29-4≧98.0%
Tinengotinib ( TT-00420) is a novel multiple kinase inhibitor that strongly inhibited
Delgocitinib, also known as LEO-124249 and JTE052, is a potent and selective JAK inhi
6111902Blarcamesine ( AVex-73 ; AE-37 )195615-83-998.0% 
ANAVEX2-73 (blarcamesine) is a Sigma-1 receptor agonist and muscarinic receptor modul
UC-1728, also known as t-TUCB, is a Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor.
1811161Tulrampator ( CX-1632 )1038984-31-4≧98.0%
Tulrampator, also known as S-47445 and CX-1632, is a positive allosteric modulator (P
218701TOVINONTRINE ( IMR-687 )2062661-53-2≧98.0%
TOVINONTRINE ( IMR-687 ) is a highly selective and potent small molecule inhibitor of