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Sun-shine Chemical chemists may synthesize, purify, and characterize the small molecules and biochemicals you need to take your research. You may search by CAS number, Catalog number, common name, synonyms, InCHI Code, InCHI key, SMILES, or molecular weight to find what you need. Bulk pricing, custom aliquots, and exact weights are available upon your request. If you can not find what you're looking for, Please Contact us by email to us for affordable pricing on the synthesis of your custom molecule.


Signaling Pathways PI3K/Akt/mTOR Epigenetics Methylation Immunology & Inflammation Protein Tyrosine Kinase
Angiogenesis Apoptosis Autophagy ER stress & UPR JAK/STAT
MAPK TGF-beta/Smad DNA Damage Stem Cells & Wnt Ubiquitin
Neuronal Signaling NF-κB GPCR & G Protein Endocrinology & Hormones Transmembrane Transporters
Metabolism Proteases Cell Cycle others
Research Areas Metabolic Disease Neurological Disease Diabetes Endocrinology Cardiovascular Disease
Immunology Allergy Infection others Inflammation


中间体和砌块 Lumateperone Amino acid Ammonia Pyridazine Azaindazole
Nucleoside Quinazoline Pyrazole Quinoline Pyrimidine
Boronic Acids Pyrrole Thiophene Azaindole Indole
Piperidine Indazole Pyridine Benzene Ligands for Suzuki Coupling
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