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KJ Pyr 9

Catalog No.: 6111406
Cas No.: 581073-80-5
Purity : 98% 
6111406 - KJ Pyr 9 | CAS 581073-80-5

Catalog number : 6111406

CAS number : 581073-80-5

分子式 : C22H15N3O4 

分子量 : 385.37 

Iupac 化学名称 : KJ Pyr 9 

InChiKey :

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外观crystalline solid 
可溶性Soluble in DMSO 
存储3 years -20ºCpowder 
运输条件Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. 
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KJ Pyr 9 is a novel small-molecule inhibitor of MYC, KJ-Pyr-9, from a Kr?hnke pyridine library. The Kd of KJ-Pyr-9 for MYC in vitro is 6.5 1.0 nM, as determined by backscattering interferometry.

KJ-Pyr-9 also interferes with MYC-MAX complex formation in the cell, as shown in a protein fragment complementation assay. KJ-Pyr-9 specifically inhibits MYC-induced oncogenic transformation in cell culture; it has no or only weak effects on the oncogenic activity of several unrelated oncoproteins. KJ-Pyr-9 preferentially interferes with the proliferation of MYC-overexpressing human and avian cells and specifically reduces the MYC-driven transcriptional signature.  KJ-Pyr-9 effectively inhibits the apoptosis-linked emergence of cleaved caspase 3. KJ-Pyr-9 is capable of binding to the disordered monomeric form of MYC and that it can dissociate the intact MYC-MAX complex.

KJ-Pyr-9 effectively blocks the growth of a xenotransplant of MYC-amplified human cancer cells.


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581073-80-5 - Request Bulk Quote