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BKM120(NVP-BKM120, Buparlisib)

Catalog No.: 52207
Cas No.: 944396-07-0
Purity : 98% 
52207 - BKM120(NVP-BKM120, Buparlisib) | CAS 944396-07-0

Catalog number : 52207

CAS number : 944396-07-0

分子式 : C18H21F3N6O2 

分子量 : 410.39 

Iupac 化学名称 : 5-(2,6-dimorpholinopyrimidin-4-yl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-amine 

Smile : O1CCN(CC1)C1=NC(=CC(=N1)C=1C(=CC(=NC1)N)C(F)(F)F)N1CCOCC1


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同义词NVP-BKM120; NVP BKM-120; NVP BKM120; BKM-120; BKM120; BKM 120; Buparlisib 
英文同义词NVP-BKM120; NVP BKM-120; NVP BKM120; BKM-120; BKM120; BKM 120; Buparlisib 
外观off-white solid 
可溶性Soluble in DMSO to 20 mM 
存储3 years -20ºCpowder 
运输条件Shipped under ambient temperature 
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 BKM120(NVP-BKM120, Buparlisib) is an orally bioavailable specific oral inhibitor of the pan-class I phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase (PI3K) family of lipid kinases with potential antineoplastic activity. Buparlisib specifically inhibits class I PIK3 in the PI3K/AKT kinase (or protein kinase B) signaling pathway in an ATP-competitive manner, thereby inhibiting the production of the secondary messenger phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate and activation of the PI3K signaling pathway. This may result in inhibition of tumor cell growth and survival in susceptible tumor cell populations. Activation of the PI3K signaling pathway is frequently associated with tumorigenesis. Dysregulated PI3K signaling may contribute to tumor resistance to a variety of antineoplastic agents. Check for active clinical trials or closed clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus).


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