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Catalog No.: 16071406
Cas No.: 1456632-40-8
Purity : 98% by HPLC 
16071406 - SH-4-54 | CAS 1456632-40-8

Catalog number : 16071406

CAS number : 1456632-40-8

Molecular Formula : C29H27F5N2O5S 

Molecular Weight : 610.596 

Iupac Chemical Name : 4-(N-(4-cyclohexylbenzyl)-2-((2,3,4,5,6-pentafluoro-N-methylphenyl)sulfonamido)acetamido)benzoic acid 

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SynonymsSH-4-54; SH 4-54; 
Molecular FormulaC29H27F5N2O5S 
Molecular Weight610.596 
AppearanceSolid powder 
Purity98% by HPLC 
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO 
Storage-20 ºC for 3 years 
Shipping ConditionShipped under ambient temperature 
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SH-4-54 is a potent STAT inhibitor with KD of 300 nM and 464 nM for STAT3 and STAT5, respectively. SH-4-54 potently kills glioblastoma brain cancer stem cells (BTSCs) and effectively suppresses STAT3 phosphorylation and its downstream transcriptional targets at low nM concentrations. Moreover, in vivo,SH-4-54 exhibited blood-brain barrier permeability, potently controlled glioma tumor growth, and inhibited pSTAT3 in vivo. 

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1456632-40-8 - Request Bulk Quote