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Catalog No.: 16071103
Cas No.: 160003-66-7
Purity : 98% by HPLC 
16071103 - Iniparib | CAS 160003-66-7

Catalog number : 16071103

CAS number : 160003-66-7

Molecular Formula : C7H5IN2O3 

Molecular Weight : 292.03067 

Iupac Chemical Name : 4-iodo-3-nitrobenzamide 

Smile : IC1=C(C=C(C(=O)N)C=C1)[N+](=O)[O-]


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SynonymsBSI-201; BSI201 
Molecular FormulaC7H5IN2O3 
Molecular Weight292.03067 
AppearanceSolid powder 
Purity98% by HPLC 
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO 
Storage-20 ºC for 3 years 
Shipping ConditionShipped under ambient temperature 
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Iniparib, also known as BSI-201, is a small-molecule prodrug inhibitor of the nuclear enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) with potential chemosensitizing, radiosensitizing and antineoplastic activities. In vivo, PARP-1 inhibitor BSI-201 is converted to the active drug, which selectively binds to PARP-1 and inhibits PARP-1- mediated DNA repair. Consequently, this agent may enhance the cytotoxicity of DNA-damaging agents and reverse tumor cell resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In addition, PARP-1 inhibitor BSI-201 may exhibit direct antineoplastic activity against cancers defective in DNA repair. 

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160003-66-7 - Request Bulk Quote