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Catalog No.: 16062701
Cas No.: 102121-60-8
Purity : 98% by HPLC 
16062701 - AM-580 | CAS 102121-60-8

Catalog number : 16062701

CAS number : 102121-60-8

Molecular Formula : C22H25NO3 

Molecular Weight : 351.446 

Iupac Chemical Name : 4-(5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalene-2-carboxamido)benzoic acid 

Smile : CC1(C=2C=CC(=CC2C(CC1)(C)C)C(=O)NC1=CC=C(C(=O)O)C=C1)C


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SynonymsAM-580; AM 580 
Molecular FormulaC22H25NO3 
Molecular Weight351.446 
AppearanceSolid powder 
Purity98% by HPLC 
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO 
Storage-20 ºC for 3 years 
Shipping ConditionShipped under ambient temperature 
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AM-580 is a potent RARalpha agonist. AM580 has powerful and selective cyto-differentiating effects on acute promyelocytic leukemia cells. AM580 inhibited the wnt pathway, measured by loss of nuclear beta-catenin, suggesting partial oncogene dependence of therapy. Am580 treatment increased RARbeta and lowered the level of RARgamma, an isotype whose expression we linked with tumor proliferation. Specific activation of a single retinoic acid receptor-alpha (RARalpha), without direct and concurrent activation of RARbeta and gamma, will inhibit mammary tumor oncogenesis in murine models relevant to human cancer. 

102121-60-8 - Request Bulk Quote

102121-60-8 - Request Bulk Quote