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Inhibitors & Agonists

160926002PI-103371935-74-997% by HPLC 
It inhibits ATR and ATM only at much higher concentrations (IC50= 850 and 920 nM, res
160926003KU 57788503468-95-998% by HPLC 
Potent and selective DNA-PK inhibitor (IC50= 14 nM). Selective for DNA-PK over a rang
160926004IC-87114371242-69-298% by HPLC 
It Inhibits p110, p110 and p110 only at much higher concentrations. It does not inhib
160926005Wortmannin19545-26-798% by HPLC 
It has an in vitro inhibitory concentration (IC50) of around 5 nM, making it a more p
160926006ZSTK474475110-96-498% by HPLC 
Combination treatment using X-rays then ZSTK474 given orally for 8 days, starting 2
160926007AS-605240648450-29-798% by HPLC 
Orally administration of AS605240 significantly prevented lung inflammation and reduc
160926009PIK-93593960-11-398% by HPLC 
PIK-93 is a potent PI3K inhibitor. PIK93 selectively inhibits the type III PI 4-kinas
160926010PIK-90677338-12-498% by HPLC 
PIK-90 is a potent PI3K inhibitor with potential anticancer activity.
160926011TG100-115677297-51-798% by HPLC 
TG100-115, inhibited PI3K and -(IC50 values of 83 and 235 nM, respectively), whereas
160926012AS-252424900515-16-498% by HPLC 
AS-252424 is a potent and selective small-molecule PI3Kgamma inhibitor. Oral administ
160926013PIK-294900185-02-698% by HPLC 
PIK-294 is a highly selective inihibitor of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) p110
160926014AS-604850648449-76-798% by HPLC 
Treatment with this PI3K inhibitor enhanced myelination and axon number in the spinal