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Alvelestat (AZD9688)

Catalog No.: 16122854
Cas No.: 848141-11-7
Purity : 98% 
16122854 - Alvelestat (AZD9688) | CAS 848141-11-7

Catalog number : 16122854

CAS number : 848141-11-7

Molecular Formula : C25H22F3N5O4S 

Molecular Weight : 545.53 

Iupac Chemical Name : 6-methyl-5-(1-methyl-1H-pyrazol-5-yl)-N-((5-(methylsulfonyl)pyridin-2-yl)methyl)-2-oxo-1-(3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-1,2-dihydropyridine-3-carboxamide

Smile : O=C(C1=CC(C2=CC=NN2C)=C(C)N(C3=CC=CC(C(F)(F)F)=C3)C1=O)NCC4=NC=C(S(=O)(C)=O)C=C4


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SynonymsZD9668; AZD 9668; AZD-9668; MPH966; MPH 966; MPH-966; Alvelestat;
Molecular FormulaC25H22F3N5O4S 
Molecular Weight545.53 
Appearancecrystalline solid 
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO 
Storage3 years -20ºCpowder 
Shipping ConditionShipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. 
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Avelestat, also known as AZD9668, is a novel, oral inhibitor of neutrophil elastase (NE), an enzyme implicated in the signs, symptoms, and disease progression in NE-driven respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease via its role in the inflammatory process, mucus overproduction, and lung tissue damage. In cell-based assays, AZD9668 inhibited plasma NE activity in zymosan-stimulated whole blood. AZD9668 has the potential to reduce lung inflammation and the associated structural and functional changes in human diseases. 

848141-11-7 - Request Bulk Quote

848141-11-7 - Request Bulk Quote